Research & Transcription Services

Family History Research

My Ain Folk charge an hourly rate which enables research to be tailored to the individual needs of each client. 

Research Fee: £25.00 per hour

Additional Charges

The costs of obtaining copies of documents or officially certified extracts of birth, marriage & death records (if required) are in addition to the hourly fee.  These are charged at the rate set by the relevant archive or record repository. 

An additional charge is also made for travel to archives and record repositories outside Edinburgh and Central Glasgow, UK.

There is no charge made for the following: 

Entry fees to the ScotlandsPeople Centre, Edinburgh; PayPal charges; postage costs.

Legal Research

Separate rates apply for research for legal purposes (e.g. probate or heir-tracing research).  Please contact My Ain Folk to discuss your requirements.

Document Transcription

My Ain Folk’s transcription service is designed specifically for genealogists and the old documents frequently used in family history research including parish records, wills, testaments and deeds.  As each document is unique it is impossible to set a standard price.  Please post or email a copy of the full document for a no-obligation quote.

There is a charge of £5 for the transcription of an extract (such as a BMD Certificate, Census household or Parish Register entry) and a minimum charge of £10 per page for a longer document (such as a Will or Testament).

Payment Options

Payment is requested in advance of carrying out research or transcription.  Payment can be made by UK cheque or by credit or debit card online via PayPal.  All charges are in British Pounds (GBP) (please use this Currency Converter to calculate approximate values in other currencies, if required).

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Scottish Railway Family
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My Ain Folk: Professional Scottish Family History Research

Professional Scottish Family History Research

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